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Who am I?

Céline, your native french teacher. Originally from Lyon, born of a Turkish mother and a Lebanese father, I am a French as a Foreign Language teacher specialized in online teaching since 2017. I have taught in Turkey, France, Quebec, and the Dominican Republic at all levels, for children and adults. After several years of navigating between several institutions, I decided to teach online through my own school. 

My background

2015 : Bachelor’s degree in language sciences and modern literature
2016 : 1st year Master’s in teaching French as a foreign language – Travel and teaching in the Dominican Republic
2017 : Master’s degree in teaching French as a foreign language and online broadcasting – Travel and teaching in Turkey
2020 : departure to Montreal, Quebec
2022 : beginning of Par les mots

My work philosophy?

I am convinced that learning a language is a matter of speaking, which is why my main objective is to get my students to speak; don’t be afraid, it’s by speaking that you learn! 

Why a course with a focus on oral expression ?

I don’t think it is possible to learn a language without practicing and speaking it. I have learned several languages in my life and even though I spoke them very well, I was always very stressed when I had to speak in an authentic situation. Today, I have overcome this fear and I aim to help students do the same! I know how difficult it can be to speak a new language and I want to help you feel comfortable because the most important thing about a language is to speak it.

They trusted me

French institute of Istanbul
Alliance française of Santiago, République Dominicaine
Lyon Bleu International 
The YMCAs of Québec
Bouchereau Lingua International
Centre de service scolaire de Montréal

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